Sunday, October 7, 2007

Soaring over California

If you have ever wanted to experience what is to go hang gliding - this is the ride for you... Up, up and away you'll ride over all of California's sites, sounds, and smells. Disney never does anything halfway. All seats on this ride give a breathtaking view of all the sites. It truly makes you want to see more of the wonderful state of California.

Tip - If you are riding solo, they have a single rider line for this ride that allows you to move to the head of the line... You may have to wait through at least one run-through before you get on the ride --- but either way it is worth the wait!

Monday, October 1, 2007


For those of you who do not like Roller Coasters, don't let this stop you from going on this ride at least once in your life... As far as I am concerned, it is well worth getting wet on the final "drop" to be able to go through the ride and enjoy the music of the old south "zippidi-doo-da". You will be singing along and laughing as you travel to Brer Rabbit's "laughing place".

On a hot day, you can stand on the bridge outside the ride and get splashed without going on the ride. For those who can't get up the nerve to go on the ride (I do understand because there is the big, wet drop at the end), can get a small peak of the fun inside by taking the train ride.

Best to get a fast pass for this one, the line can be extremely long and as the cars only hold a small amount of passengers - the Fast Pass is definately the way to go on this one!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Wouldn't it be great if space travel were truly possible! Many years ago, when Space Mountain first came out it was the most thrilling action ride. Not knowing where you are headed - everything black in front of you. Flying meteorites over-head and wonder of what is coming next - keeps you excited for the entire ride... I still think it is the most thrilling action ride around!

Riding the escalator on the way out --- shows you what the future could be... To think that some of these ideas were introduced so long ago, makes you wonder why we are not closer to that reality. Each year it gets a little better!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Travel around the park, with a view of the Grand Canyon, and the prehistoric past...

Stops include Main Street, Liberty Square (just outside of the Haunted Mansion), Toon Town (at the entrance to toon town), and Tomorrow land (behind autopia)... When you make the complete loop, and stay on between tomorrow land and main street - you will get to see the beautiful sites of the Grand Canyon and Dinosaurs!

Best to take the train from one side of the park to another, as the park is "BIG", it never hurts to take a ride when you can from one attraction to another.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This ride changes each year just before Halloween and stays changed til just after Christmas. It is the "Nightmare before Christmas" with Jack Skellington. In order to appreciate the ride to its fullest, you need to see it at both times of year.

When I was a child, I was mesmerized by the employees working at Disney --- so in character. They remind me of "Lurch" from the Addam's Family. Showing no emotion. Truly frightening to a young person. I was terrified! Now that I am older, it is thoroughly a most enjoyable ride for children of all ages.

Fast pass is recommended for most times of the year, but it will bypass the cemetary and you miss out on reading the grave markers that are extremely entertaining. During the Halloween/Christmas season, they also include Haunted Christmas Carol lines...


Monday, July 23, 2007

Favorite Ride (of all time)

This ride has to be considered the favorite ride of all time in the park, at the very least by myself and probably my whole family. The way the animatronic figures bring such a life like show to the stage. Over the years it may have changed by adding characters - changing the chase scenes in one of the rooms. I remember when I was younger it used to be the pirates chasing the maidens, now it seems the woman are chasing the pirates.
Growing up, my father used to start singing the "pirate" song before we even knew we were going to the park. One of his favorite past times. I still remember my first trip on this ride, sitting next to my mother and seeing her face as she looked up on one of the bridges and just said "that foot looks so real". Just seeing from that young age how a "ride" could affect my mother and father told me how this would be the ride that would always be favorite!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time to go...

Arrive about a half hour before, or a half hour after the parks have opened. When you arrive right at opening time, you will be standing in a long line of people awaiting entrance into the park.
Best time of year to visit is "during the school year", or on a weekday to avoid the crowds...
Best time of year to visit is "during the holidays" to see the best decorations, shows and events.
If you plan on staying late for the night shows, arrive after lunch - so you will have energy to last through the crowds at the end of the night.
If you plan on leaving early, make sure you plan to stay through the mid-day parade (it is definately a can't miss).